General Rules

The general rules apply to both pyramid and standard ladders

  • All games are played at net-chess.com
  • If a player is challenged to shorter time controls
    than desired, a counterchallenge may be issued with longer time controls
  • Failure to accept a valid challenge (or issue a counterchallenge
    before the initial challenge is dropped from the list of
    available matches) constitutes a forfeit
  • A timeout constitutes a loss; two timeouts constitutes a forfeit
  • A player cannot play consecutive matches against the same opponent
  • When posting a valid challenge, please remind your opponent
    (using the comment bar on the 'Start a Game' screen) which
    ladder the challenge is for
  • If you will be unable to accept challenges for a period of time,
    please schedule a vacation.
  • Time controls: 7d+1d is encouraged; however, this is unreasonable
    for some players, so longer time controls will be allowed,
    with a maximum of 30d+2d unless both players agree to longer than 30d+2d
  • Match size: 2 players, 2 games
  • New players enter at the bottom of the ladder
  • Any player who has not logged in to net-chess for more than a year and has no active games, or any player who has forfeited three consecutive matches, may be removed at the discretion of the tournament director.
  • When applicable, you must issue a challenge at least once every 12 months.

Standard Ladder Rules

  • A player may challenge one or two spots up the ladder
    (this number may increase as the ladder grows)
  • If the challenger wins, outright or by forfeit,
    the two players switch places on the ladder
  • Players will play no more than two matches at a time:
    one as a challenger, and one defending a challenge
  • If you challenge and win, you will always move up;
    if you are challenged and lose, you will always move down

Pyramid Ladder Rules

  • You may only challenge a player on your level; winner moves up, loser moves down
  • The pyramid will expand in both directions until there are 30 levels
  • Players will play one match at a time