Frequently Asked Questions

  • I just issued a ladder/pyramid challenge. What happens next?
  • Now you must post the challenge at SlowChess.com. There are a couple of time-saving features here at ChessClubInternational.com that allow you to do this with fewer steps. Both options are designed to allow one-step posting: the first allows you to post a challenge without visiting 'Start a Game' at SlowChess.com; the second allows you to post a challenge without visiting ChessClubInternational.com.
  • If I have already issued a challenge, can I enable "Post my challenges automatically" and have the challenge posted for me?
  • No. "Post my challenges automatically" can only post a challenge when the challenge is issued through the interface here at ChessClubInternational.com, and not afterward. It is also necessary that you are logged in to SlowChess.com and allow popups when clicking the 'Challenge' button.
  • How long does it take for a challenge to be dropped from the list of available matches?
  • Approximately 15 days.
  • Where can I find features like posting matches automatically, or automatically adding eligible matches?
  • Log in to ChessClubInternational.com and follow the Settings link. You can also update your personal information from that page.
  • I am a longtime user and am having trouble retrieving my new password. What should I do?
  • Contact me and I will email you your password. Note that I may do so using the Contact a Player link at SlowChess.com, so make sure your email client will accept messages from bounce@net-chess.com as well as mluka@chessclubinternational.com.
  • My login was not recognized by the system.
  • This could be for one of two reasons:
  • 1) If you played on the ladders before the move to chessclubinternational.com, your password at chessclubinternational will not be the same as your password at net-chess, unless you have changed it; or
  • 2) Your browser security settings do not allow cookies.